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Rack Monitor and Controller


The New Maxi-Miser Rack Monitor controls supply and exhaust pressures to maintain both at the pre-set levels. This unit features our proprietary air flow technology that calculates air changes per hour for any of the different size Thoren cages.

Data logging and reporting via WiFi

The display has two brightness levels that are adjustable. The first is for viewing in daylight, which remains on for two minutes after the display is touched. After two minutes, the display brightness dims to the second level to avoid disturbing the mice.

The controller also provides continuous monitoring of the Maxi-Miser Rack Exhaust and Supply blowers, and will trigger an alarm if either pressure drops below established levels. This product will have wide user appeal since it is compatible with Thoren Racks with Maxi-Miser Green Blowers.


Monitoring Features:

  • Supply pressure
  • Exhaust pressure
  • Air changes per hour
  • Rack monitor ID
  • Temperature - optional
  • Humidity - optional
  • Data logging and reporting via WiFi
  • Real-time monitoring App
  • Hierarchy alarm system
  • Remote access



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