PIV Air Flow Technology

It is important that you understand the operational characteristics of our system so that you can take full advantage of its capabilities.

The first thing you will notice is that there are NO cage penetrations, valves or connections through side walls of our plastic cage where air can pass. 









The only case where there would be a penetration through the cage wall would be to accommodate an auto-watering drinking valve.


Low velocity HEPA filtered air is supplied through our sealed shelf plenums directly into the cage through air supply orifices above the cage filter top. Air enters through the filter top into the rear of the cage. Low velocity air passes towards the front of the cage and up through exhaust air orifices located above the filter top as shown below. This design eliminated high velocity devices that penetrate the side wall of the cage which tend to create turbulence inside the cage. Depending on your isolation requirements, the system can maintain either positive or negative pressure with respect to the room. Later in this manual you will be instructed on how to make these adjustments.



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