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Welcome to the THOREN Maxi-Miser® Product Training & Procedures Site.

You will learn about what makes THOREN Caging Systems so reliable, easy to work with, and maintain. Our customers never have to be concerned if the equipment they purchase today will be outdated by future design changes. Our modular rack designs allows you to

select the cage configuration and sizes that best meets your needs.


You will learn how our PIV Cage Air Flow Technology allows you to select the air flow balance for your animal isolation requirements with the standard HEPA Filter Blower Modules. Learn how Modular, Fixed and Mobile Systems can best meet your needs.

Thoren Interactive Training Site

Learn How It Works, Setup, Operation and Servicing

Procedures for Thoren Racks with

Individually Ventilated Cages (IVC)

Sampling at Rack Level for Potential Contaminant Pathogens



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