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Thoren Rack Blower Modules


All Thoren Caging Systems use one of our three different style self-contained HEPA filtering units. These Blower/Filter Modules can be mounted on top of a caging system or underneath. A third option is the free standing unit.


All Blower/Filter Modules are constructed of stainless steel and are readily attached to or detached from the caging system. Units are equipped with dampers on both supply and exhaust. They also provide either positive or negative pressures relative to the room. All units come with detachable electronics to make washing or autoclaving possible.


The units have two separate HEPA filters which are 99.99% efficient. The supply module provides HEPA filtered air to the system and the exhaust module filters spent air from the unit. To extend the life of the HEPA filters, the unit is equipped with prefilters which are washable or autoclavable.



    8 amperes at full load

    120 volts single phase (also available, 240 volts)

    60 hertz (also available, 50 hertz)

NEW Thoren Green Sustainable Blowers


The Green Blower offers damper-less pressure control for both the supply and exhaust blowers.

This type of control is more efficient, saving dollars in reduced operating cost, and is less noisy(5 to 10 db),

depending on the airflow settings and size of the rack



4 amperes at full load

120 volts single phase (also available, 240 volts)

60 hertz (also available, 50 hertz)

Operation comparison:


The Green Blower uses a brush-less DC motor, which consumes only as much power as is

needed to operate the rack at the set pressures.


Blowers using an AC motor run at a fixed operating speed (full output) and need to be choked down by the damper to get the desired airflow. These units have demonstrated

long life (10+ years is typical), but use more electric than the Green Blower.


Typically, the additional cost of the Green Blower is less than the energy it saves over a 10 year operating period (depending on pressure settings and electric rates).



Though warranted for 1 year, this electronic device has not been around long enough to know whether it will provide the same 10+ years of trouble-free operation

that our AC blowers have.


High quality electronic components, protection circuitry, and low temperature operation are expected to provide a good chance at long life, however only time (and life testing) will tell.

Upgrading Bristol Boxes in the field:


Thoren has an upgrade package to convert a Bristol Supply & Exhaust box to the Green Blower.

The package consists of fan mounted transitions - one supply & one exhaust - and two electrical boxes.


NOTE: The upgrade can normally be done at the customers facility in less than an hour.



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