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Architect & Engineer Planners Site

THOREN has a long history of working with clients and A&E firms on facility design projects and making sure that our animal housing systems are properly integrated into the building design. Providing engineers with equipment specification to maximize performance, energy conservation and sustainable designs is our mission.


This New Planners Site will provide you with first hand information, specifications and rack design drawings. We hope this will make your task more effective and quickly answer you critical questions. We also want your feedback on how we can make this site more effective and what additional information you may need. You will be able to contact our support/help line for request for additional information.

We will continue to update this site with additional information and response to your suggestions.

The A & E Planner Selector Guide will provide you with the following:

  1. Cage Model # which links you to the cage dimensions, floor area and number of animals per cage.
  2. Provides Rack Model # and Cage Configuration for each cage size listed.
  3. Rack Dimensions and a PDF drawing which you can download.

Mobile Maxi-Miser

Rack Systems

Fixed  Maxi-Miser Rack Systems



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