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Thoren Caging Systems, Inc. is the successor to Thoren Industries, who pioneered the development of warm surface plastic cages in 1953. Thoren Caging Systems, Inc. developed the Maxi-Miser® Positive Individually Ventilated System (PIV) in conjunction with The Jackson Laboratory in 1978.



Mouse CageThe Maxi-Miser® System provides Positive Individual Ventilation (PIV) to each cage position. This truly unique system not only supplies air directly into each cage, it also exhausts spent air, animal odors and contains dander and dust. The system maintains a superior micro-environment in each individual cage and at the same time provides a cleaner work environment for allergy sensitive staff members.

Although the Maxi-Miser® PIV System was originally developed and introduced as a fixed system, it soon became apparent that a mobile unit was necessary. In 1979 Thoren Caging introduced their first aluminum mobile unit. In 1982 an all stainless steel unit was introduced. Over the years, the Maxi-Miser® System has progressed and developed into the complete caging system it is today. The system offers a wide variety of options, cage configurations and includes wash equipment.


Modular in design, the Maxi-Miser® PIV System can be constructed as a fixed or mobile unit using 12 basic cage designs. All units are available with bottle watering, automatic watering systems or a combination of both.


Cage Rack

Maxi-Miser® can be operated either from the central ventilating system in your facility or it can be connected to Thoren's Blower/Filter Module. The Blower/Filter Module is a self-contained unit that uses 99.99% efficient HEPA filters to clean the air for both supply and exhaust fans. Units provide either positive or negative pressure relative to the room. Each system is equipped with separate Magnehelic® Gauges to monitor static air pressure on both the supply and exhaust systems.


All Maxi-Miser® Mobile Cage Systems are constructed of stainless steel. The Maxi-Miser® Fixed Cage Systems are constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Standard on all Thoren Systems are quick disconnect clamps, allowing easy removal of shelves and plenum plates for cleaning. The entire system is autoclavable, even the

Blower/Filter Module comes with detachable electrics to facilitate washing or autoclaving.

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